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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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tune in every night at 8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of lying pompo pompocity smugness. in the mean assume, sean hannity from new york city. >> sean: i've always loved that dirty jobs show. mike's a great guy. tucker, great show. this is a fox news alert. we are now monitoring a very serious situation tonight out of houston. multiple police officers were shot while serving a markets warrant. the suspect is believed to be dead. we're going to keep you posted. we start tonight, though, with hannity watch on the deep state and turn to robert mueller's ongoing witch hunt. january 25th, 17 vehicles including two armored tactical trucks rolled into roger stone's ft. lauderdale neighborhood. two dozen heavily armed federal
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agents dressed in s.w.a.t. gear surrounding his home, pounding on his door and taking stone into custody. while the cnn cameras are there to watch of course. he's not charged with a violent crime. he's not a drug kingpin. this isn't "el chapo." instead, stone has been indicted on several, again, processing violati violatio violations, including lying to congress. once again, nothing to do with russia. because roger stone is not a risk to society, he was out immediately on bail, right here on this program he will join us tonight in minutes. we'll talk about these tactics which are now all too common. the question remains, why this show of force. after all, he would have happily turned himself in. of course we've seen this with paul manafort, michael cohen. it is an outrageous abuse of power. where is fbi director wray on
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this. this is the new standard? s.w.a.t. teams, 27 people, cnn cameras, tactical armored vehicles. somebody charged with lying? it only applies to those associated with president trump. take for example former obama eric holder. he has a long history of lying. including some surrounding a blatant coverup, oh, the fast and furious scandal. what about the obama officials who lied to congress about the plan to give iran access to u.s. banks as an incentive to sign off on that horrible nuclear deal. are their houses going to be surrounded? what about lying about the persecution of tea party groups? federal agents going to drag her out in cuffs. john brennan lied before congress on multiple occasions about hillary's bought and paid for dirty dossier. or james clapper about the nsa.
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where's that pre-dawn raid? we can't forget hillary. she has the biggest slam dunk case of objection of justice violating the espionage act we've ever seen. are they going to have a guns blazing rate for hillary clinton? this is now a two-tiered system of justice. that's what's shocking. it's also dangerous. it should disgust every american to their core because it doesn't matter where you stand politically, it's a clear and present danger to what is our great democratic republic. these are the actions of the banana republic. rank and file members, law enforcement are working hard every day to keep this country safe. those rank and file officers and field agents, they have no say in any of this. instead, we have a few very powerful, top echelon bureauc t bureaucrats in washington working equally hard to destroy the trump administration, invalidate the 2016 election, protect their friends from ever
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being held accountable, like hillary. exoneration before investigation. the phony dossier. lying to fisa court judges and committing fraud. with that said, the witch hunt is now, according to reports, in its final days. according to matthew whittaker, the investigation is close to being completed. watch this. apparently not. >> right now, the investigation is, i think, close to being completed and i hope that we can get the report from director mueller as soon as possible. >> sean: so here we are 621 days the witch hunt now may be almost over. so far zero evidence of any collusion. meanwhile, the president of the united states, he does have important work to do. mainly the safety and security of the american people. let's not our hearts be troubled. this is a president who keeps his promises.
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so i have a couple of questions for my conservative friends that are mad at the president for allowing congress three weeks to do their job, open the government in the interim. do you really believe the president has stopped his full-on fight over the border wall that he has promised? has he not tenacious fighter? i don't care how they get it as long as they build the wall to keep us safe. don't let what is what i believe a shift in strategy. the president is going to fight as hard if not harder for the money for the wall. in this case, his fight is principled. he's talking about safety and security, even life and death of the american people. he talks about stopping drugs and cartels and gangs, human and
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drug trafficking. where were chuck and nanunanimn? they wouldn't even talk to the president, wouldn't sit down. they abandoned the process. furloughed workers, daca kids, dreamers, the very things they have said over and over and over so important to them that the president offered to them just to cater to the radical and extreme hate trump base of theirs. the only question now on democrats are they willing to make a deal or not? are they going to let the left run that party. because in three weeks, democrats can come to the table, work out a compromise that gets them the things they say they wanted. when obama was president, they sounded like trump on the wall. democrats are unwilling to fund the border skurecurity. the president can and should declare a national emergency. he will build the wall with billions of dollars in funds that he allocates. probably going to take a court fight. as commander in chief, i believe
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on the law and the constitution, this president's going to win this battle in the courts. if not, he'll move to plan c. what we should be doing is putting aside political differences, working together to keep the american people safe and stopping the 90% of heroin from coming across our southern border, or fentanyl which is killing people every day. that's why a group of border patrol wives have invited speaker pelosi to mcallen texas to witness the effects of our border firsthand herself. she rejected a meeting with angel moms and dad's outside her office. wouldn't meet with them. think about this, any future crimes rulesulting from open borders, the democratic party will now own. they will be partly responsible. it's unlikely that pelosi will accept the invitation. we have a new 12,000-strong
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person caravan. what if they come to an area that isn't secure? both sides are at risk. she doesn't seem to care. to democrats, anyone affected by the shutdown or the flawed immigration system, angel moms and dads are just pawns in their political game. the democrats think their resistance to border security somehow harms the president politically, they better start playing chest. as more crime happens and more drugs come into this country, they will get the blame they rightly deserve. the poll shows the president's support remains steady throughout the shutdown. the president's approval rateding remains high -- rating remains high. as newt gingrich pointed out, in january of 1983 ronald reagan had a 35% approval rating. two years later, he swept 49
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states and was overwhelmingly reelected. the economy turned around. fought against the far left attracte attracters. sound familiar? we can't predict 2020, but it brings us to our hannity watch on the radical prop of 2020 democratic hopefuls. unlike 2018, this year's going to be awesome. 2018, they were hiding their positions. 2020, they're going to all try to out-radical each other. get ready. every democrat who wants to run for president is about to take that hard turn to appease what is now the radical extreme socialist democratic party base. take for example possible contender andrew cuomo. now, honest people can have a difference as to when life begins. he just celebrated a bill in new york state making late-term abortion legal. now, according to now new york state, you can go an abortion in the seventh month of pregnancy,
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the eighth month of pregnancy, and the ninth month of pregnancy. that would be called infanticide. viable lives can now be destroyed? the new york legislature putting their seal of approval? i don't care what your position on abortion is, you know, for the first three months, viabl viability, when you think life begins. this is grotesque and gruesome and extreme. in california, a senator just kicked off her 2020 campaign this weekend, but she laid the groundwork months ago when she was comparing i.c.e. to the ku klux klan. you may remember this. >> the klan is what we would call today a domestic terrorist group? >> why? why would we call this a domestic terrorist group? >> because they tried to use fear and force to change
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political environment. >> what was the motivation? >> based on race and ethnicity. >> right. are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at i.c.e. is being used to enforce the laws and do you see the parallel? >> i do not -- >> i'm talking about perception. >> i do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it relates to -- >> are you aware that there's the perception -- >> i.c.e. in the same category as the kkk. is that what you're asking me? >> i mean, these guys put their lives on the line to keep our country safe. really? comments like that only win the favor of radical left wing extreme democrats and their biggest ally is of course the mainstream media. needless to say, they were very excited, the media, over senator harris' big announcement.
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reminded me of their love of obama. take a look. >> she looked presidential. there was just no two ways about that. the woman has a ton of class. >> i don't know about you, but the second i saw her up there, i said, wow. >> uh-huh. >> she's got what it takes. >> the most serious candidate getting in. by that i mean, a really well thought out argument for why she should be running. >> i think she's top tier right out of the gate. >> she's clearly bright and, you know, has a new feeling about her. but this -- this really came together. >> i think she can incredibly dynamic and really represent the future of the party. >> wow, that didn't take long. mainstream media is giddy. some of harris' policies are downright scary, though. >> i am runing to declare once and for all that health care is a fundamental right, education is a fundamental right. [ cheers and applause ]
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and we will guarantee that right with universal pre-k and debt-free college. i am running to guarantee working and middle class families an overdue pay increase. we welcome refugees and bring people out of the shadows and provide a pathway to citizenship. reproductive rights are not just protected by the constitution of the united states, but guaranteed in every state. >> reading a prompter, here we go again. sound familiar? it's pretty clear senator harris is trying to placate this radical socialist base which is not going to be good for the country. obama, 13 million more americans on food stamps. takes on more debt than every other president before him combined. lofty big government policies come with a price. look at the people of venezuela.
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they're paying that price. they were promised everything. instead, it ended up in death, destruction and chaos. we now have 3 million venezuelans fleeing their country because of poverty and hunger. hyper inflation. 80,000% home to the world's largest oil reserves, could be one of the richest countries. venezuela the poster child for socialism's failures. it's never worked. food shortages, lack of public services, skyrocketing crime rate. full blown health care crisis. 2016 piece "new york times" revealing gruesome details like the high rate of deaths for newborns and new mothers. basic supplies like gloves vanishing. patients having to retreat to the black market to get cancer drugs and save their lives. this universal health care nightmare, championed by the late hugo chavez sounds eerily
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similar to the plans of bernie sanders. total government control, massive spending, more red tape, raising your taxes. how did obama keep your doctor plan and pay less work out? of course socialists are never eager to talk about the costs, the real costs. take a look. >> number ten. >> countdown. >> medicare for all. >> people often say like how are you going to pay for it. and i find the question so puzzling. how do you pay for something that's more affordable. how do you pay for cheaper rent. you just pay for it. >> how about some facts. study george mason university, this medicare for all plan, it comes with a whopping price tag of $32.6 trillion. that's $3.26 trillion per year over ten years. that's about almost every penny the government takes in every
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year. and congresswoman ocasio-cortez, well, since we know you're watching because you like to take pictures and tweet us out, what's the difference between what you're proposing and what so many other socialist countries have proposed. how will a government take over private medicine? how is it going to be different here? how great do you think obamacare worked out? how do you guarantee patients quality of care and assist devoid of any competition or will you start being honest with the american people and admit this is about government control. your power. you want the government to have more and more control of people's lives, health care, all while it's our bkblg bank accou. you don't like the freedom that america offers and has made us different and created a standard of living that is the envy of the world. joining us now steve scalise and congressman devin nunes.
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we now see a pattern. pre-dawn raids, 27 guys, 17 vehicles, tactical armor for lying to congress. what about all the democrats that lied to congress? i think you can name -- you have your own list. >> seems it's a little overkill. we're going to have plenty of people that actually the doj already knows about will have to make it more public if they fail to investigate this. i understand today from the acting attorney general's comments that he's anxious to get these inquiries and help take them seriously. i'm happy to be hear about that. we'll give him plenty of names of people who have lied to congress. >> sean: if we have equal justice and equal application of our laws, all those people should get the storm/manafort treatment, right? >> all of this dates back to clinton opposition research fed into the fbi to start this investigation.
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and so, you know, we have a whole bunch of work to do. republicans working with the intelligence committee, judiciary committee and the oversight committee, we're going to continue our investigation into these abuses and we're going to call people to come and testify to us. we're not sure that they will. we don't have subpoena power anymore. i just want to make sure everyone understands these people are not going to get away with us without us at least trying to hold them accountable. >> sean: steve scalise, is this overkill and where's the fbi director? lying to congress deserves 27 individuals pre-dawn, guns raid into their home for lying to congress. is that appropriate in your view? >> no. i mean if you look at this whole thing, it was about collusion with russia. between whether it's the trump campaign or the hillary clinton
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campaign. we've seen thorough work to look into this. there was no iota of collusion. if you look at all of the leaks that came out of the fbi -- why aren't they sending some of those agents to find out where all the leaks are coming from and address accountability within the fbi. where is that collusion? it would have leaked out. there is no -- >> sean: is there any doubt in your mind that what hillary clinton did with her e-mails that were subpoenaed deleted, sim cards removed, is there any doubt that when she put that server in a mom and pop shop bathroom closet with top secret, classified information, is that a violation of the espionage act and was the fisa courts lied to repeatedly and purposely withheld information, gave false unverified information to those judges? >> the fbi has never given us
6:20 pm
real good answers on that, and it doesn't pass the smell test, sean. when you're doing that kind of damage to a server -- not only banging it with a hammer, flowing it against a -- throwing it against a wall, bleaching it. what are they trying to hide? >> sean: michael cohen admitted that he lied before congress. chairman nunes, do you see any difference here? or is it worse in the case of hillary? because i think it's worse. i -- >> they're not even close. no one should ever lie to congress. everyone has their day in court, so i'm not going to pre-judge anyone. if someone says they're innocent, they have a right to a fair trial. but the obvious one you pointed out is the clinton server disappearing. that wasn't only obstructing a congressional investigation, that was obstructing an investigation at doj. we have james comey leaking
6:21 pm
classified information. that's never been investigated. we can go on and on with the list. thatst what we're -- that's what we're going to get to the bottom of. >> sean: we never seem to get there. we have all the evidence on our side. we never get to that. there were russian lies fed to the american people. last quick question. if you don't mind. so do you agree with me, steve scalise, that in fact the president, he's not stopped fighting on the wall, he's probably going to go the national emergency route if in fact congress cannot do its job in three weeks? >> i agree, sean. president trump called pelosi's bluff. she said she won't negotiate on the wall until the government's open. now the government's open. she's yet to put a dollar figure against the $1.7 billion our experts say it's going to take. it's about border security. it's time for pelosi to say what she's really to support.
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>> sean: thank you both for being with us. a lot of news to get to tonight. a huge show. roger stone up next. then an exclusive one-on-one interview with chris christie. later, our villain of the day, you're going to want to know who this is straight ahead. n ingredt originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. my teemotionally, socially. very sore spot for me, if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call 1-800-aspendental today.
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stormed my house with a greater force used to take down bin laden, "el chapo," pablo escobar. i would have been able to wear a suit and tie for my mug shot, it
6:27 pm
would have looked a lot better. >> sean: roger stone blasting the treatment he received from the fbi. heavily armed officers, 17 vehicles, pre-dawn raid, guns drawn on his house amid lying to congress. stone is expected to be arraigned tomorrow in d.c. on seven counts including lying to congress. the inside story of how donald trump really won, republican strategist roger stone. >> let's get to the pre-dawn raid. all the people in the last segment that we know lied to congress, it doesn't happen to them. hillary got a pass by a guy that interviewed her that said he wanted her to win 100 million to zero. what do you make that this only happens to you, manafort, and cohen, but none of these other people that lied to congress. not saying that you did, by the way.
6:28 pm
>> it's extraordinary. comey, copper, brennan, mccabe, hillary themselves all lied. in their case, they lied about material koconsequential things. this indictment is thinner. you've watched cnn. they'll tell you it's a slam dunk. my attorneys don't think so. but i'm targeted here because they want to silence me. i mean, i'm 66 years old. i support the second amendment, but i don't own a firearm. i don't have a valid passport, i'm not a flight risk. the court gave me -- essentially released me on bond on my signature proving i'm not a flight risk. i can't swim even though they had two amphibious units pulled up to the canal behind my house. >> sean: you really can't swim? >> i really can't. assault weapons pointed at me --
6:29 pm
at my -- at my chest. i opened the door looking down the barrel of two assault weapons. i'm wearing a roger stone did nothing wrong t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts. i'm bare footed. they handcuff me and walk me out the street. i'm concerned because my wife is hearing impaired. she's virtually death without her hearing aids. i was afraid they'd think she wasn't complying with an order and shoot her. i've been under investigation for two years. why would i wait until thursday -- by the way, i destroyed no evidence whatsoever and i'm charged with non-violent process crimes. >> sean: that's the point here. >> exactly. >> sean: it raises a lot of questions beyond the double standard, too. it raises questions about the tactics. if we have a dual justice system in this country, say good-bye to
6:30 pm
the country. this should be nonpartisan. for something like this, if there's no mueller investigation, there's no jeopardy at all for anybody and then you have to think of what judge ellis said. are they putting the screws to you so you're seeing composed saying what they want so you don't risk spending the rest of your life in prison? >> i think to a great deal, this is meant to silence me. my radio show is heavily censored. when i came out of the courthouse, i was being shouted down. i couldn't even make a statement. not only effort to silence me because i support donald trump and i've been a critic of the mueller investigation. i think donald trump is making america great again. he's my friend of 40 years. i have great affection for him and his family. i -- i'm not going to testify against him because i possess no negative information.
6:31 pm
there is no russian collusion. this is a witch hunt. >> sean: -- everybody after the -- the first wikileaks, everybody trying to find out wikileaks has a history of never been wrong. whether you like them or not, they've never been wrong. everybody was speculating. with all due respect, in one of your e-mails, i've seen it mentioned in the indictment, your speculation that whatever's coming next is about the clinton, you were wrong which kind of proves that you're fishing and digging and trying to figure out what might they have, let's find out what they have. you did not steal anything. you did not conspire to steal anything. the pentagon papers case, my reading of it is clear. as long as you don't conspire to steal, you can print, you can go with stolen material of somebody else, correct? >> yes. they're trying to criminalize
6:32 pm
legitimate political inquiry. they're trying to criminalize free speech which is really what this is about. i honestly believe they are going to try to charge the president, they way they can make nancy pelosi present. they can make hillary clinton vice president and then step aside. it's a nightmare. that's what they have in mind. there is no russian collusion. i have no collaboration with wikileaks. i'm not charged with conspiracy. believe me, if they could have made that case, they would have. they want to silence me because i stand up for donald trump. that's what this is about. >> you have been -- you proudly say you operate in political dark arts. you also purposely try to mess with people's heads. is that a fair characterize? >> sean, i got to tip, a legitimate tip that told me the wikileaks disclosures were significant and they would come in october. i hyped that tip to drive voter
6:33 pm
attention and media attention to the ultimate disclosures because i was told they were a bombshell. that doesn't mean i knew what was in them. that's called politics. >> sean: you were wrong on one of them. you were talking specifically about juan -- >> i was talking -- i was talking about both podesta brothers. on july 31st, peter wrote a devastate i devastating article. then on the 14th of august, breitbart published another story tying tony podesta to the same ukrainian political party as paul manafort. so i said the podestas time in the barrel would come. what i was saying was, i intended to get that information on a background basis to a
6:34 pm
number of reporters. any other narrative about what happened there is false. and there was no controversy about my tweet for six weeks. until it is alleged that stone was foreshadowing podesta's e-mails being stolen. i never knew the source of the content of allegedly hacked or allegedly stolen e-mails. >> sean: i think it's evident in all of the 621 days, we're criminalizing political differences. we've got a dual justice system. that is a clear and present danger to this democratic republic. this shouldn't happen on a lot of levels. where's the collusion, there is noun. none. roger, thank you. all right. when we come back, must see interview. former new jersey governor chris christie, he's got a lot to say about the trump presidency. exclusively in studio when we
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joining us now, former new jersey governor chris christie, out with a brand-new memoir. new jersey, and the power of in-your-face politics available on wherever books are sold. how are you? >> good. how are you, sean? >> sean: do we really need 27 fbi agents, tactical gear, 17 vehicles including armored vehicles to arrest a guy that has no weapons in his house, a guy that is charged with lying to congress? >> no. listen, you know that i've
6:40 pm
defended mueller over the kours of time over the last -- course of time. >> sean: how can you defend this man? >> i can't defend this. >> sean: every appointment as a democrat. >> i can't defend andrew weisman. i wouldn't defend andrew weisman. this is a problem for bob mueller. >> sean: how does he hire clinton foundation attorneys? >> almost every one of those people came from inside the justice department. part of that problem is, there was no turnover when jeff sessions was attorney general to get new people into positions. weisman is still head of the fraud -- >> sean: overturned fifth circuit, 9-0 loss in the supreme court. tens of thousands of enron accounting employees. >> of course. to me, why was he still in the
6:41 pm
justice department to begin with. >> sean: wait a minute. this was mueller's choice to put weisman and jeannie ray on this team. >> i'm not defending that. the raid is wrong. if he did not have weapons in that house, there is no reason to go with tactical units, with flak jackets on, automatic weapons and all the rest. there's no reason for it except to intimidate. that's the only reason to do it. that is an absolute inappropriate use of prosecutorial authority. >> sean: you talk about the president thought in general flynn was fired, the whole russia thing's over. only not the case. >> right. >> sean: one of the reasons you don't believe it, as every campaign is, there's chaos. nobody has time to say let me meet with putin. >> listen. i was there for a good part of the campaign, as you know. as i said, this was a campaign and you know about this campaign. i say this in an admiring way,
6:42 pm
having lost to them. this was not a traditional organized campaign. they were not going to do some tom clancy routine still trying to figure out how to hire field operators in pennsylvania. that campaign won because of the power and the ideas and the articulation of donald trump. that's what you hear from me in this book. >> sean: he talked to you about being vice president. >> it was down to me and mike pence. >> sean: you mention me in the book. thanks a lot. >> you're part of the story. >> sean: i love being mentioned in the book. why do you tell stories -- like the story about -- to me it's like, that's sort of private -- >> i think -- first of all, it wasn't because there were a whole bunch of people. >> sean: you didn't have to put it in a book. >> i think it's an important thing to show this president's humanity and show his sense of humor. i think he's drawn by the mainstream media as a cartoon
6:43 pm
character. this is a guy who's a great father and loves his children. i tell those stories in the book about his genuine concern what affect this was going to have on his kids and his kids being successful in the business and him always being there for them and now he wouldn't be able to. i talk about the fact that he is the first person that said across from me and said, chris, you need to get lap band surgery. years before i decided to do it. i'm trying to show the humanity of donald trump. people draw him like a cartoon character. >> sean: you're a prosecutor. did hillary clinton violate the espionage act with that server? >> yes. >> sean: did hillary clinton obstruct justice -- >> she deleted the e-mails while the subpoena was pending, then yes. >> sean: do we not have all brennan, clapper, all these people that i mentioned, did they not lie to congress and got caught, how come they don't get
6:44 pm
the raids in this case? >> why don't you take an hour one night and have jeff sessions on here and ask him those questions. >> sean: i don't know what he was doing. i would like to -- >> that's my point. >> sean: it turned into a disaster. >> who you picked as attorney general matters. it's one of the things i talk about in the book. the president has been victimized by some bad choices that were recommended to him and by a process that didn't work well for him. >> sean: aren't you worried as a former prosecutor and governor, we have a dual justice system, we have all these other people that lied under oath to congress, nothing happens -- for example, hillary funnels money, her campaign money, through a law firm -- so it's legal expense -- to hire a research group, qatar foreign nationals, russian lies that they spread to the american people, and then they use it to bludgen the
6:45 pm
president ever since. that he learned hillary paid for it and that it's unverified. how do you not verify -- and it turns out a lot of it is lies. hookers, ritz carlton, how do they get away with all of that and mueller pays no attention to it? >> first of all, we don't know whether he has or has the yet. >> sean: i don't see it at all. >> we don't know yet. let's wait for the report. here's the other thing. let's say he isn't paying attention it -- >> mueller hires a team of democrats and a -- and clinton's own former attorney. >> i'm not defending those hirings. what i'm saying to you is, if in fact that's what's going on and mueller is independent of -- >> sean: they trust -- why would mueller put that team together? >> here's what i believe. right from the beginning, the
6:46 pm
justice department under donald trump was not run the way it should have been. >> sean: okay. i got that point. >> there was mayhem. >>. >> sean: last question. >> the most important thing you said to tonight and the reason to answer the question, of course i'm concerned about this because if we don't have a fair justice system -- >> sean: we don't. >> -- democracy is over. and that's exactly -- >> sean: last question. fisa court, there was a conspiracy to commit fraud. they never verified the lies that they put in the document. they minimized hillary's involvement. shouldn't all of those people now themselves pay that price? >> every one of those people who participated in that should be -- >> sean: comey, rod rosenstein. >> -- to exactly the same scrutiny that bob mueller -- >> sean: it's not happening. >> that's why i hope that the new attorney general that the president -- will do this.
6:47 pm
guess what. this is the job of the attorney general of the united states. you know what we had? we had one of the best attorney generals this country ever had in john ashcroft. at a time when our country was in great danger, he empowered his u.s. attorneys to attack terrorism. that's an effective attorney general. >> sean: by the way, you always finish. thanks for being with us. when we come back, reaction to our interviews. pam bo indi. wait until you hear about the villain of the day. this is insanity.
6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
here now with reaction to all the big interviews with roger stone and chris christie. see this book? this is the other -- well, as
6:52 pm
you call it, let's see hacking that nobody seems to know about that actually was maybe as bad or worse. it's called obstruction of justice, how the deep state risked national security to protect democrats. let's talk about the raid. and let's talk about mueller's team which i was talking about with chris christie. pam, is that the type of country we are? is there dual justice? >> seen, you know i've prosecuted since i was in my early 20s. i have seen murder defendants, rapists, child molesters get arrested. i've seen nothing like this in my entire career. roger stone is not violent. i've never -- >> sean: lied to congress? did he do -- what is he, "el chapo"? >> i can't imagine -- especially
6:53 pm
that puts people at risk when you enter a house that way. i've never seen anything like it, sean. even with violent murderers, nothing like this. >> sean: you went into this case, there was a bigger scandal that the media ignored, to the extent you can, explain. this book is phenomenal. >> it's such a big juxtaposition. that's the closest they got after two years to foreign meddling russia. three days after wikileaks went online, they found an actual pakistani guy hacking congress and the fbi was weaponized in the opposite direction. >> sean: this guy got money from iran? >> he was taking money from foreign governments. >> sean: you believe 44 democratic congressmen, he who was in charge of their i.t. secrets, government secrets.
6:54 pm
>> the fbi and the democrats, they basically fire and drive out the investigator. they threaten a witness. you've got his own wife, he's confessed to her and begging to do something. the fbi is basically threatening here. >> sean: you look at all of this. look at the team that they have. they only see things one way. why? >> sean, that's the question that they're so laser focused on taking down the president of the united states. there's no explanation for it. they're not going to be able to do that because president trump has done nothing wrong. >> sean: pam, thank you. this book is phenomenal. you need to read about the real hacking story that was covered up. when we come back, you're not going to believe the villain of the day. that's next. and your e-mails. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good,
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♪ >> sean: all right, our "villain of the day" is one of
6:59 pm
our old photos on the left, and even for him, bill maher had some nasty, disturbing attacks on covington high school students, and all trump orders. take a look. >> i don't blame the kid, the smirking kid. i blame lead poisoning. and bad parenting. i blame that [bleep] kid. what a little [bleep]. smirk face, and the poll numbers are showing that he's probably at his lowest now. it's, like, 34%. those people, i promise you, are not going anywhere. that is mrs. goebbels in the bunker with the cyanide. >> sean: of a conservative says these things, last week, we asked for your comments, democrats agenda, using the hashtag #vanityquestion. "what are the democrats yell out medicare for all, they do know it's not for free, don't they"? before we go, every night, we will read every email. by the way, which democratic
7:00 pm
presidential candidate's duty to most? head over to my website, you can even put a video up, . but not your heart be troubled. that is all the time we have left. we are not that he trump media. laura ingraham. >> laura: which of the democratic candidate scares me the most? okay. >> sean: some of them are pretty scary. >> laura: anyone who makes a paycheck should be scared. >> sean: you might have a favorite. go to >> laura: hannity, they are coming for your money. they might be trying to dress up with something cool for the moment, what they are coming for your money. >> sean: 70% tax rate, they will confiscate what you already pay taxes on. that is elizabeth warren's plan for aids. when the money you have in your pocket from the trauma recovery, the booming economy, guess what, they'll take it from you and spend it on stuff. >> sean: is called legalized stealing. >> laura: go for it, go vote


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